One Thing You Must Stop Doing to Be Happy

28 Mar

We Need to Stop Chasing Happiness

That doesn’t mean we stop trying to achieve our goals or striving for personal growth.  It just means that we no longer base our happiness on fleeting, semi-permanent things.

There are obviously some situations where not chasing a task or result may have serious negative consequences (see paying your mortgage or rent).  Excessive chasing, however, will inevitably make you miserable.

The reason chasing too much can be detrimental to your health and happiness, is you’re so focused exclusively on the future.  Your identity is too deeply attached to outcomes that are uncertain.  If something does, or doesn’t go your way, it will likely have an enduring effect on your mood.

Instead, we should base our happiness on the life we are living – on the beauty that is already ours, on desires that don’t shift from moment to moment.  We choose to find in our happiness now – in life itself.  In fact, we don’t even need to ‘find’ happiness.  We can be happiness.

Stop searching.  Stop chasing.  Happiness is already here.

Source: Marc and Angel

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